The most popular forms of gambling: slots, table games, jackpot games, lotteries, bingo and live casino games

The most popular forms of gambling: slots, table games, jackpot games, lotteries, bingo and live casino games

We will also look at what makes different casino games different. Some titles are better suited for the beginner,but of course we will also give tips for you as a big casino game player. A lot has happened in the development of casino games in recent years. And playing casino games has probably never been as much fun – and easy – as it is today. The choice of casino games is very wide and technological developments mean that you can play your favourite games directly on your mobile. Graphics are improving all the time, making the gaming experience really sharp.

Today, the range of games offered by online casinos is growing bigger and bigger every year. In addition, new game categories are being added all the time. Read below about some of the typical game categories you’ll come across in a gambling offer and some of the lesser known ones that might interest you.

Slot games

This category of games has the widest range of them all. It’s not uncommon to find hundreds of different games from several different game providers in a variety of categories. 

You’ve probably seen or tried out slot games before: you’ll have between three and five reels and an ex number of rows over which you can spin different winning combinations. There are slot games in several different variations. Some of these games are simpler but there are also games with more advanced features. 

The themes of the games also vary. You can play retro-themed casino games, adventure-themed casino games, love-themed casino games, sports-themed casino games…. Yes, you see! There are also casino games based on famous movies, such as the game Jurassic Park. Other casino games are based on famous bands such as Guns N Roses. Some of the best casino games can actually be called classics. 

Indeed, games like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest have been around for many, many years – but their popularity hardly seems to be waning. More often than not, you can be thrown into a bonus game for free spins or a jackpot. This type of game is easy to play once you’ve got the hang of the rules and is well suited to mobile, tablet or computer.

Table games

Table casino games

This game category includes all games that require a table; roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, well a lot of different games that is. Sometimes some online casinos have separate apps or programs that you download to play poker alongside other players with tournaments and leaderboards.

This is one of the most common game categories you will find. Especially the card games are popular among the players who have studied different strategies to increase their chance of winning.

Just like in other forms of casino games, there are several different variants of table games as well. For example, if you choose to play roulette, the game is offered in American and European versions. Blackjack is also available in several variants. As for table games, you can play VIP forms of the games. 

For example, some casinos offer VIP tables where you can play roulette or blackjack. Others opt for VIP tables with poker. The difference between these and other games is that VIP games are a bit more luxurious and usually require high stakes You can always choose to play online games for real money or to play for free. The latter option involves playing in demo mode. This way, you don’t have to make your own bet and get the chance to learn the rules properly before choosing online games for real money.

Live Casino

Table games nowadays also come in a version called live casino; these are games with a real dealer/croupie standing at a table in a studio that broadcasts the game live directly to your mobile or computer. You can converse with your dealer/croupie and in many cases with the other players around the table.

Live casino games are therefore a welcome social element in an online casino’s gaming offer, and not least an opportunity to get a “real” casino feel from home. Playing casino games in real time online against a casino is guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience.

Video poker

Video poker

Among the best casino games, video poker is guaranteed. If you’re curious to try poker in the live casino, but want to practice first, then video poker might be a good place to start. As with slots, you play against a computer. 

Many players find it nice to choose this type of game because the stress of playing against other players is completely gone. 

Deuces Wild” and Jacks or Better are two of the best casino games in the video poker category. Just like in regular poker, you can use different strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Lotteries and scratch cards

Lotteries and scratch cards also count as casino games. In other words, you don’t have to go to the kiosk to try your luck with a lottery ticket! All you have to do is log in to your casino. In lotteries, it’s chance that determines whether you win. 

The random draw is guaranteed to be exciting and lotteries come in many different varieties. A scratch card can also be experienced digitally – and just like in the physical world, you have to scratch out different combinations of symbols. 

This type of game is quite different from adventurous slots – but sure, it can be fun to play casino games of the classic kind from time to time. Another popular casino game is Keno. If you’ve seen the popular draws on TV4, you know exactly how it works. Playing Keno online works in a similar way, but you don’t have to wait for the daily draw.

Jackpot games

Among the best casino games are of course the jackpot games! After all, these are the games where you have the chance to win really big. There are two main types of jackpot games. In one, there is a fixed jackpot amount, which is determined in advance and you always know what level it is at. The other type of jackpot game has a so-called progressive jackpot. In this case there is no fixed amount. 

Instead, the prize pool will grow as players wager money on the game. As long as no player has taken home the top prize, the pot continues to grow. It can basically grow forever, which is why games like Mega Moolah have awarded millions of dollars in winnings. 

Yes, it is a staggering thought that it is possible to play casino games that can change your life forever. Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune are also among the best casino games. Take a look and see how high the payouts are right now! Maybe this is the time when you have the chance to take home a big win?

Odd categories

Many of the biggest online casinos today offer both casino games and betting games with one and the same gaming account. You don’t even need to know sports to try betting; today you can also bet on various odds in politics and other world events of the moment.

Virtual sports is a relatively new gambling genre that is starting to pop up here and there. It’s like sports betting, only all the bets are computer animated like in a computer game. It can be greyhound racing, horse racing, football, basketball, you name it.

Then again, some online casinos have bingo games that are either on demand or on a bingo schedule where you can play at the same time as other bingo players.

Things to consider: RTP

If you decide to try out an online real money game, it’s important to keep an eye on the RTP of the game. The word stands for Return to player, and they are often translated as theoretical payback in English. You will be able to see the RTP on all slot machines. The sum indicates how much chance you theoretically have of winning. 

When it comes to gambling, sometimes you win – and sometimes you lose. But it is still a good idea to check how high the RTP is. As a rule, it is usually between 85% and 96%. So the difference can be quite big between different games.

The best casino games at casinos

Today’s casinos offer a great variety in their range of casino games. There is usually a lot to choose from and something for every type of player. Whether you’re looking for the best casino games with big jackpots or you want to play a simpler slot machine, you can easily find what you’re looking for online. 

Of course, the selection varies. Some casinos focus particularly on one type of game, while others prefer a variety of different game categories. Many also choose to present specific classics in their own category. If you are keen to try something new, many casinos also have a special category for new games that have recently been launched. 

As we have seen, developments in gaming have been rapid – not least when it comes to mobile development. So don’t miss the chance to try out the best casino games: on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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