The basics of how to properly count blackjack cards

The basics of how to properly count blackjack cards

Anyone can learn to count cards and increase their chances of winning a game of blackjack. Plus, it’s not cheating! If a casino player learns this system, it’s simply to give themselves a better chance of winning real money.

However, this strategy does not reveal all its secrets in the blink of an eye. In fact, you will have to learn a whole theoretical part, before you can put it into practice during a real game. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you and direct you towards a simple learning process.

It is still very important to know the rules of this game. And practicing on a few games on real tables or in the free version for testing, will allow you to better understand the rules.

The free games have an interesting function, even if you can’t win real money, because they can also be used to practice the different techniques.

Like the team of MIT students in the movie Las Vegas 21, you will be able to count the blackjack cards to determine the best time to place a specific bet. Or Barry Levinson’s Rain Man, where you can see the practical application with an actor who will use mathematical skills to make his counter in the casinos of Las Vegas.

In other words, you will have to focus on the values of the cards that will be drawn by the software or the dealer. The objective will be to determine the value of the cards that are still in the shoe.

Starting from the number 0, you will be able to give a certain value to the cards when they are drawn. This way, you can see at what point in the game your chances of getting the best cards are higher. And if your chances are higher, the dealer’s chances will be lower!

Is counting blackjack cards legal or not?

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Casinos have tried different ways to avoid counting blackjack cards. The law does not stipulate a ban on this practice. However, the casino may let you know that you are being detected and even reserve the right to ban a player from the casino using this solution, after several warnings of course.

Remember to get information if you go to a casino outside because the regulations are not the same everywhere. Like in Monaco, for example, where this practice is prohibited by law.

The more calculating will say that this strategy will always be considered as one of the most reliable to increase your winnings.

Counting applications are not prohibited in casinos, as this is still a permitted technique when playing.

What is the classic way to find out how to count cards in Blackjack?

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Now that you know the basics of the game, the classic counting system is all about knowing how to count the cards in Blackjack that have already come out of the machine in order to determine the odds of the dealer drawing this or that card afterwards and to predict whether or not you will have an advantage over the others. A strategy must be made over several rounds, because the shuffling machine does not contain only one deck!

This is the advantage of blackjack (unlike poker) and therefore a chance for the users: every card is placed on the tables face up, except for the dealer’s cards where only one of the two cards is visible. All players as well as the dealer can know their values.

The most important thing for winning and anticipating the cards is to know the game. The most important point to determine your advantage over the game. Determine which cards have been dealt to deduce the dealer’s hand and the cards remaining in the machines.

Hi-Low: a popular variant of blackjack card counting

When it comes to techniques and strategies, it’s all about variants. Indeed, if the most mathematical players have set up a method to count cards, there is inevitably an alternative that may be more suitable for you. In fact, there are other alternatives for blackjack card counting that can be found on the net such as the Omega II system, the KO or the Wong Halves. For our part, we have chosen the Hi-Low solution for its reliability.

This strategy consists in completing your classic card counting with more precision. You will have to mentally determine the value of the remaining cards in the shoe during your game. With a point system higher or lower than 0, this technique is more balanced and reliable.

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