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tennis betting guide

As an individual sport, it is important to have a different approach to tennis than you would to other sports. For example, a bettor who specialises in basketball will rarely be strong on tennis. Winning at sports betting is perhaps even more difficult in tennis and that is why we advise our readers to focus on having fun first. Play and bet for fun, responsibly, without taking financial risks. And if you find that you are making money in the long run on tennis, why not go even further? In any case, it would be very complicated without at least the following tips. Bankroll management in tennis betting In tennis betting, bankroll management means that you should never bet more than a certain amount on a specific bet.  Let’s imagine the following example: 2020 US Open final; Alexander Zverev – Dominic Thiem.  Despite being the favourite, you are convinced that…

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Tennis betting guide

For many reasons that it would take too long to explain in a few lines, tennis betting is very popular on sports betting sites. Since it is the only individual sport with a huge popularity rating, betting on tennis is a completely different kind of entertainment compared to other popular sports on French bookmakers. That’s why we wanted to provide you with some basic tips on how to bet on tennis in the best possible way, responsibly and thoughtfully.  What are the most popular tennis bets? Of course, before we get into the specific most popular tennis bets, we need to have a little ‘captain obvious’ moment: the majority of tennis bets are placed on Grand Slam tournaments. The number of tennis bets doubles (at least) when the Australian Open, the US Open or Wimbledon are held. Whereas during the French Open, it’s quite simple: football bets are supplanted by…

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