What are the tips for winning in tennis betting?

What are the tips for winning in tennis betting?

As an individual sport, it is important to have a different approach to tennis than you would to other sports. For example, a bettor who specialises in basketball will rarely be strong on tennis. Winning at sports betting is perhaps even more difficult in tennis and that is why we advise our readers to focus on having fun first. Play and bet for fun, responsibly, without taking financial risks. And if you find that you are making money in the long run on tennis, why not go even further? In any case, it would be very complicated without at least the following tips.

Bankroll management in tennis betting

In tennis betting, bankroll management means that you should never bet more than a certain amount on a specific bet. 

Let’s imagine the following example: 2020 US Open final; Alexander Zverev – Dominic Thiem. 

Despite being the favourite, you are convinced that the Austrian will lose this match to the Russian-born German. 

You therefore bet 5% of your bankroll (the money you have available for sports betting), which would be equivalent to $50 if you have a bankroll of $1000. 

5% is the absolute maximum you can bet on a single sporting event, otherwise the risk of losing everything in the medium term is too great.

The beginning of the match gives you the upper hand (6-2, 6-4) until the 3rd set (4-6), where you decide to cash out (i.e. take advantage of the fact that some bookmakers can buy back your bets at any time, live) your winnings because you feel that Zverev is losing. 

You are still a winner and in any case, you should not regret your actions: it is playing responsibly that is rewarding, not taking unnecessary risks.

Always pay attention to the conditions and the playing surface


As you probably know, tennis is played on 4 different surfaces:

  • Clay,
  • outdoor hard court,
  • indoor,
  • grass.

The way you bet on one or the other player in tennis depends very much on his specialization! To give the most famous example, a player like Nadal is almost unbeatable on clay, while Wimbledon grass and the Australian Open hard court are much less suitable for him. In tennis, you should absolutely bet taking into account the specialisations and tastes of each player. Betting on names or seeds alone will quickly prove to be disastrous.

Take advantage of live tennis streaming

Perhaps even more than football, tennis is a sport that is constantly highlighted on the betting platforms and live streams of French sports betting sites. You should definitely take advantage of this: all the information (weather conditions, player fatigue, psychology, etc.) about a match is available and exploitable for sports bettors if they have access to live streams. Moreover, these are sometimes offered on very small challenger level tournaments, on which bookmakers are sometimes less reliable. In tennis, value is more than ever on live betting!

How to take advantage of sports betting bonuses and promotions for betting on tennis?

tennis betting tips

The following three bonuses and promotions are very common on French sports betting sites. You can take advantage of them for your tennis bets, especially during the periods surrounding the Masters or Grand Slam tournaments.

  • Welcome bonuses from betting sites: if you have never had an account on one of the sites offering first bets refunded if you lose, you should definitely take advantage of it! In fact, this may allow you to greatly increase your starting bankroll with a refunded first bet (between 100 and 150 dollars maximum) if it turns out to be a loser. As you are automatically refunded, do not hesitate to try odds between 1.7 and 2.3 for example, which seems to us to be good odds in terms of the potential win/risk ratio.
  • Boosted odds: Numerous during the Grand Slam tournaments, boosted odds allow you to obtain better odds on the most popular tennis matches.
  • Freebets: the famous free bets allow you to bet on tennis for free if you complete certain real money goals/challenges. This type of promotion is probably the most used by French bookmakers for tennis betting.

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