How to bet on Tennis

How to bet on Tennis

For many reasons that it would take too long to explain in a few lines, tennis betting is very popular on sports betting sites. Since it is the only individual sport with a huge popularity rating, betting on tennis is a completely different kind of entertainment compared to other popular sports on French bookmakers.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with some basic tips on how to bet on tennis in the best possible way, responsibly and thoughtfully. 

What are the most popular tennis bets?

Of course, before we get into the specific most popular tennis bets, we need to have a little ‘captain obvious’ moment: the majority of tennis bets are placed on Grand Slam tournaments. The number of tennis bets doubles (at least) when the Australian Open, the US Open or Wimbledon are held. Whereas during the French Open, it’s quite simple: football bets are supplanted by the little yellow ball! 

Whatever the tennis tournaments you prefer, the following bets will often be put forward on the French bookmakers.

How to bet on singles bets in tennis?

Tennis betting

Unsurprisingly, betting on the winners of the matches is the most common on French betting sites. In fact, log on to the tennis page of any of the ANJ-approved sports betting sites and it is bets on the results of tennis matches that will come to the fore. Although value can be found on these, it is often on other options that you will find better betting odds.

How to bet on tennis combination bets?

Particularly in some Grand Slam tournaments, some tennis matches lack suspense (and therefore, too low individual odds). The combination of 3 odds of 1.3 (for example) could be tempting, as part of a combination bet on tennis, to improve your potential winnings. If you are well informed about the players’ form, their favourite surfaces and other points (more on that later), you should not hesitate.

How do you bet on the winners of tennis competitions?

Betting on the odds of competition winners, often just before the start of a tournament, is very common in the tennis betting world. This allows you to follow your favourite player with even more adrenaline. However, we do not advise you to make this type of bet with your main bankroll: here, it is all about the “fun”.

How to bet on tennis handicap bets?

bets in tennis

You will notice it by clicking on any tennis duel offered as a sports bet: the list of available pre-match bets is absolutely huge! One bet that is particularly popular with tennis players is the handicap bet. They allow you to bet on the score difference between two players and thus “virtually” even out the differences. Let’s imagine a -6 handicap bet on the number of games. This means that the favourite player must be at least 7 games ahead of his opponent. In concrete terms, this would be the case of a 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 (11 games difference).

What are the most popular side bets in tennis?

The list of potential bets on this sport is even more abundant as live betting on tennis is very popular. We can’t list them all but – especially based on Unibet – you will often find the following type of secondary bets on tennis: number of sets in total, over/under X games, exact match score, number of aces, and many more.

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